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C 29, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, 110076, India
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Guest Reviews & Emails:


1. Pratul Choudhury - Guwahati, India

"Hi D N Khanna, We are back home safely yesterday. Once again , I thank you for everything you provided to us. We all had felt a homely environment in your guest house. Over and above, I must appreciate your human qualities and pray God for your happiness and ever increasing strength. With warm regards and love, Pratul"

2. Kamal Rana Sharma - Krishnanagar, Chandamari, Guwahati, Assam, India

"This is my 2nd stay in your Guest House. Homely, calm atmosphere, good hospitality. Hope will be maintained in future. May come again. By order provides balanced cooked food with special care is the speciality of this guest house."

3. Mr. Rezaul Kabir - Kuwait Oil Company, PO Box 9758, Ahmadi 61008; Kuwait

"The owner and the staff are very helpful and made me feel at home. Hi-Speed internet in the room was a major plus. I highly recommend this homestay"

4. Ankit Khare- Bhopal, India

"This guest house is like home. Everything is perfectly fine. Food is great. Don't have to think. Just eat it. Staff is nice"

5. Ratan Gautam & Rajan Gautam - Kathmandu, Nepal

"This guest house is like home again. Good people and family environment. Vijay and Somnath are the best"

6. Arnab Deka - Guwahati, India

"It is like a home away from home. Employees, particularly the driver is very responsive and positive. D N Khanna has a pleasant personality and is always ready to help. The food offered at this place is amazing"

7.  Sushil Panta - Nepal

"Hi D N Khanna, Treatment went well. Back to Kathmandu with an ease. Thanks a lot for providing us a lovely home for three valuable days. Now I feel very awkward to call your home a guest house. Please pass my regards to your parents, Bijay and Somu Bhaiya. God bless you all. With the best regards, Sushil "

8. Subroto Bhattacharya - Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

"D N Khanna I liked your promptness in service and looking forward to meet you again when I'm in Delhi. Good service by Vijay. Keep it up!"

9. Pawan Bir Singh Kansakar - Kathmandu, Nepal

"I liked the way D N Khannaji managed this place. To stay here is like home and not like hotel a guest house. Food and service is very good."

10. Nipun, Toral, Kiran & Praful Shah - Mumbai, India

"D N Khanna - Without your help and support, it would been very difficult for us"

11. M. Kamachiraja - Rolls Royce India Pvt Ltd.

"Very nice to stay here. All the staff is very nice and caring . Food preparation is also very good"

12. Madhu Adhikari - Vanecia, Spain

"Pleasant stay. The staff were very good. The owner is always on call for help. I would definitely recommend this hotel"

13. Tejib A Musa - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

"Your guest house is comfortable with very nice hospitality. I appreciated the young D N Khanna.

Keep it up!"

14. Jamilla O Mfuruki - Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

“We have found a family and a home in Delhi. This was a home to us and it will always be our home. Thank you for everything and may god bless Khanna family and protect you and keep you in good health.”

15. Jignesh Sheth (Jay) – USA

I found all the facilities convenient, clean and respectable.

Compared to some other places, it might appear pricey, but all things considered, you get more than you pay for.

I also found D N Khanna and his family caring, nice and responsive. I would like to thank them for helping me through a difficult time.

16. Mrs. & Mr. Tijjani Ahmed Saddik – Nigeria

D N Khannaji has been a good host from day one. The room is just fine. Anand, the driver is helping.

Hamein yahaan rehna bahut pasand hain. Yeh guest house nahin, yeh ghar jaisa hain. Hamein bahut pyaar mila aur mera pati theek ho gaya. Vijay, the caretaker aur driver Anand ka thank you. Phir milenge. Shukriya.

Translated in English…

We liked staying here, This is not a guest house. this is like home. We got love and affection from all here. My husband recovered completely too. Thanks to Vijay (caretaker) and Anand (driver). See you again. Thanks.


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